Why we get out of bed

Vaquero Digital Services exists to solve problems.

We strive to find out what frustrates people about a process, and then make the frustrating aspect go away. We enhance this experience further by helping people explore new opportunities for efficiency and growth.

We love software and technology in general. It's efficient, inexpensive (compared to physical equipment), and can be quickly changed and improved. That's why we use it as the foundation for the solutions we help create and implement.


Chris Martinez

Founder/ CEO

Our founder

Chris Martinez has spent many years in the Denver software scene. Much of his software career was spent at BrightBean, a boutique software shop out of Denver. There he started as a Junior Full-Stack Developer, eventually grew into the role of Front-End lead, and finally Operations Manager. He is also a US Army combat veteran.

Chris' contributions to the community include serving as a lead of the Denver chapter of the WeWork Veterans in Residence Program, and CTO of local gaming convention Genghis Con.

Chris was born in raised in Denver, and lives in the same area of town he grew up in, along with his beloved Wife, Son, and Daughter. Outside of work he enjoys table top gaming, and plays guitar and sings in a local heavy metal band.

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