Factory Edge


Web API and Integration

Factory Edge is a highly robust platform for managing manufacturing operations. Vaquero was called in to enhance the product even further by developing a Web API so other applications could easily integrate with Factory Edge.

Additional direct integrations to programs like Quickbooks have allowed users to get even more out of an already powerful application.

"Vaquero Digital Services was the perfect answer to our API needs. They have the experience to understand the business needs, start the project quickly, and see it to completion."  - Jeremy Libertor, Product Manager, Factory Edge

Farrell Advisory


Website Enhancements

Farrell Advisory had a solid website which was built on a custom WordPress theme, which needed some heavy content updates. However, the theme was built by another company who didn't account for the need to continue providing new content.

Vaquero Digital Services stepped in and modified the custom theme so that adding and updating content was even easier and smoother than the standard WordPress experience!

"Chris kept me fully updated on timing and progress and made good technical solutions to keep costs down. I am very pleased to have Vaquero has my website partner especially as he continually monitors." - David Farrel, President, Farrel Advisory



Digital Solutions Consulting and Process Engineering

Strattex has always had a solid operation, but was looking for ways to improve their processes even further.

Vaquero Digital Services was brought on to analyze their business processes, and find areas where digital solutions or other adjustments to existing processes could be employed to boost their internal performance.

"Chris is the real deal. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering a top-notch product is unmatched in his industry. He went above and beyond with our project and shot us straight the entire time. Since working with him, we've seen our business grow from his insights and observations. He is our first stop in any development projects and will continue to be so. "  - Trevor Shirk, CEO, Strattex Solutions

Same Side


Application Integration

SameSide was looking for robust means of tracking usage of their website and customer conversions down to a highly granular level.

Fortunately, tools such as MixPanel and Facebook Pixels were ready to collect that data. SameSide relied on Vaquero Digital Services to properly integrate and configure these tools to capture the most critical datapoints needed to ensure that they're on the right track with their target audience.